Home Remedies for Passing a Drug Urinalysis

What is drug urinalysis?

Drug urinalysis is nothing but drug test done through examining urine sample. Passing a drug urinalysis is gaining significance as it is considered a part of employment procedure. Further, drug tests are becoming the major part of employment and most of companies make it a compulsory eligibility condition to be met by the candidate before they hire any employee. More over drug urinalysis is also insisted on prisoners and people under recovery programs. Even though different methods are used for drug analysis, urinalysis is most commonly preferred due to economic cost of drug tests.

 Why home remedies for passing a drug urinalysis?

To pass the urinalysis, one should get rid of toxins from the body. Detoxifying products are available in market that is effective in flushing out the toxins from the body. Unfortunately, more than 50% of commercial products don’t offer the satisfied results and they are also associated with side effects. Since drug testing procedures are getting more rigid and strict, not all the people could afford for some expensive and effective remedial measure to pass the drug urinalysis. Eventually, home remedies for passing drug urinalysis are the cheaper, affordable, natural and effective way to pass the urinalysis. Moreover, home remedies include natural ingredients and there are obviously zero percent side effects. Following are the simple yet effective home remedies in passing a urinalysis.


Water is the eternal gift by nature, which is effective in flushing out the toxins and wastes from the body. Drinking adequate quantity of water not only helps in detoxification but also facilitates easy digestion and healthy body. However, drinking more quantity of water before taking the drug urinalysis might result with diluted urine sample. Sometimes, based on this ground, the examiner may insist for random collection of another sample of concentrated urine. Moreover, diluted urine may also result towards a red flag from examiner. Eventually, taking vitamin B2 with water prevents the dilution and gives urine the normal colour. Water may also be combined with vinegar, as it can reduce the pH level of urine.

High Fiber Diet

It is generally suggested to all to include fiber rich foods in the diet. Fiber foods are good in unclogging the unhealthy colon from the body along with toxins. Eventually, it results towards detoxified and drug free urine. Vegetables, fruits, oat meal and whole grains are rich in fiber. Coffee, tea, grape juice, etc helps in reducing the toxin level.

Green Tea

Green Tea has numerous health benefits being the exclusive drink with rich antioxidants. Green tea acts as a cleansing agent and removes the toxic and waste materials from the digestive system. Further, it enhances the metabolism rate and assists in reducing weight. Drinking green tea speeds up the detoxification process and it is the best home remedy for passing the drug urinalysis.

Red meat

Red meat is effective in diluting the urine, but it enhances the creatinine levels. Ultimately, eating lot of red meat continuously for 3 or 4 days before the urinalysis can offer the result with normal creatinine levels and dilutes the urine, without the traces of diluted urine. The lab tests will not raise red flags for diluted urine and there will not be any re-test.

Simple tips to be followed to pass urinalysis before 2 days of test:

  • Should avoid salty and processed foods
  • Eat more quantity of natural foods and fluids
  • Have control over the quantity of water consumption. Water can be replaced with fresh juices or coffee or tea, etc.
  • A big No to carbonated drinks and of course alcohol.
  • Not to skip meals

Some people may opt for synthetic urine or use the substitute urine sample.  Even though it might help in passing the drug urinalysis, it is not recommended. Follow the safe, natural and affordable home remedies to pass the urinalysis.