Home Remedies for Air Purification

The most common causes of air pollution normally stem from a number of combustion pollutants like tobacco products, wood, coal, oil, building material, furnishing, personal use and cleaning products, insulation that features asbestos, lead based paint and damp carpets. Some of the air fresheners that are used in the home also help to contribute to the release of toxins in the air. Examples of other pollutants include the bacteria and viruses that are spread by animals and human beings. Pets usually spread bacteria through dander and saliva. There are some home remedies for air purification that a person can adapt to ensure the air around the house is pure and not harmful.

These are usually inexpensive and simple to use and work very well to make sure that cases of sickness in the house are reduced. It is also important to note that dried urine from roaches, rats and mice usually produce allergen that permeates the air resulting in respiratory and other health complications. Dust mites that produce allergens breed in moist and warm places like mattresses carpets and curtains among many other places. Home remedies for air purification help to fight against symptoms like flu, colds, sneezing, coughing, itchy watery eyes, chicken pox, and measles among many others.

Some of the options that you have when it comes to home remedies for air purification include the use of house plants. These plants are very useful as they take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen that the humans breathe in. This helps to clean the air in a natural way. There are very many types of houseplants that can be used where you are allowed to choose the one you prefer. It is recommended that you have at least one plant in every 100 square feet. Make sure the plants are placed in a section where they will grow well as the healthier they are the better they will perform. For instance, they can be placed near a window to get enough sunlight.

It is also important to make sure you maximize on the plants potential to ensure you reap the benefits of home remedies for air purification.  This means that you will have to take time choosing the plants that will be place. Rinse the leaves and ensure that the plants have enough water, nutrients and light so that they can grow in the proper way. You should also weed and make sure that you use the appropriate kind of soil for the best results.

Air circulation is also very important for people who are looking for home remedies for air purification. This helps to make sure that it is clean and purified at the same time. Open doors and windows when possible and use exhaust fans in the bathroom and kitchen. It is also important to ensure that all the gas that is used in the home is vented outdoors like when you are using gas stoves. Ensure doors and windows are open when dealing with chemicals and paints.

You should not allow people who smoke to do it in the house as this should be done outside. This is because the smoke ends up polluting the house and can make some people sick as a result of secondary smoking whose effects are much worse than the person who is actually smoking as the cigarettes normally have filters. This also helps to protect the children from the smoke as well as picking up the disgusting habit. When exploring home remedies for air purification, it is important to make sure you wash beddings in very hot water after every seven days.  You should also vacuum curtains, carpets, mattresses with a vacuum cleaner regularly to get rids of the mites.

Avoid the use of sprays when cleaning furniture as it is better to use a damp cloth to do the job. Using a clean cloth works wonders as it helps to absorb the dust rather than spread it all over the air. This should be done on a weekly basis or more times if need be to take advantage of methods of home remedies for air purification.

Carry out repairs on any leaky pipes and faucets as a means of home remedies for air purification. This is because these are usually breeding places for mildew and mold that normally leads to air pollution. If the problem is not too big you can do it yourself by looking for professional instructions on how to go about the job. However, if the pipes have gone beyond the wall it is time to call in a professional who will do the job right. Make sure you call a person who has been in the industry for a long time to get high quality services that you will be proud of.

Look for an entire house purifier that normally works to get rid of most of allergens in the house. This can literally save the family from numerous health complications thus also help an individual to save money since the visits to the doctors will be reduced. You have to carry out a lot of research to get the best purifiers that are part of home remedies for air purification. You might have to ask people who have used it before to get something that will work out in the best way possible.

The dryers that are placed in the laundry room or garage are supposed to vent outside where there is a lot of fresh air. Individuals with large compounds are advised to plant trees, plants and other flowers in the compound as part of home remedies for air purification. This is important as it also helps to make the place beautiful when it is done in a good way. It is also good to eliminate or reduce the use of toxic chemicals and aerosol sprays when cleaning. It is better to use natural products like baking powder, rubbing alcohol, peroxide, vinegar, lemon juice and water to make air fresheners and other cleaning products that are useful in natural purification of the air.